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Condition Monitoring Engineer


Condition Monitoring

Shift Scheduling


General Summary

The role of the Condition Monitoring engineer is to operate and/or manage a condition monitoring program on a day to day basis. This involves the application of a wide range of monitoring techniques including vibration monitoring, lube oil analysis, thermograph measurements and machinery performance monitoring

Essential Duties and Responsibilities

  • Apply Condition monitoring techniques on most of plant equipment as scheduled.
  • Create/Modify equipment database that including measuring parameter set, alarm set, fault frequency set, points routine sequence and scheduling.
  • Define of condition monitoring measuring points.
  • Responsible of carrying out data collection in high quality.
  • Perform condition monitoring activities such as vibration analysis, oil analysis, thermograph analysis, internal inspection by ENDOSKOPE, onsite balancing and field alignment by means of laser tool or convention dial indicator methods.
  • Obtained baseline PdM data and troubleshoot problems discovered through PdM for the plant

Essential Duties and Responsibilities(Contd)

  • Carries out equipment acceptance testing of new machinery during startup and commissioning phase of new plant facilities.
  • Analyzed all oil and hydraulic fluids for providing recommendations to the plant.
  • Carry out thermograph survey for plant equipment as schedule or requested
  • Obtained baseline PdM data and troubleshoot problems discovered through PdM for the plant.
  • Reporting to the Condition Monitoring Section about abnormalities on the monitored equipment including the observations, technical diagnosis and corrective actions.
  • Coordinated with the plant for PdM familiarization training as required
  • Predictive Maintenance readiness (program and hardware).
  • To have a proactive approach, seeking to continuously improve the service and generate new business opportunities.
  • Be aware of and comply with all company Quality Assurance systems and documentation.
  • Responsible for the support of Company HSE policies and programs by carrying out specific duties and responsibilities related to his job in safe and sound manner.

Additional Duties and Responsibilities

  • Responsible of dealing with SAP system for all Condition Monitoring issues

Knowledge, Skills and/or Abilities required

  • Direct [hands on] experience in the set up and operation of a condition monitoring program involving the use of hand held vibration data collectors and analysis software as well as lubricant analysis and collection of quality samples.
  • Computer (PC) literate. Familiar with, Windows and Microsoft packages (Word, Excel) and Email and possess good report writing skills.
  • An understanding of CM and the role it has in Condition Based Maintenance (CBM).
  • Should have the ability to review/ analyze all relevant data and provide information/report to end user on overall machinery/system condition/integrity.
  • Ability to read, interprets, and understands mechanical prints.
  • Knowledge of rotating machinery operation and controls systems.
  •  Knowledge of machinery protection and management systems.
  • Knowledge in CMMS system

Minimum Education Qualification (Education Degree)

Bacheloer in Engineering

Any preferred professional training

  • Master in mechanical Engineering

Professional Experience (Must haves)

  • 5 years previous experience in routine Condition Monitoring data collection and analysis
  • Certified As Vibration Analyst Cat II

Previous Experience/exposure Recommendations

  • Certified as Oil Analyst level I
  • Certified as Thermographer Level I

Key Performance Indicators

  • Fault detection of equipment abnormalities not less than 90%.
  • Detection Accuracy of equipment faults not less than 90% .
  • Equipment overdue less than 5 days (for continuously operating equipment)
  • Achieve corrective actions with high quality
  • Meet the legal & standard procedures

Behavioural Competencies

Commitment to Result & Quality (Middle Management & Senior Employees)
Customer Orientation
Drive Health & Safety Culture (Middle Management & Senior Employees)
Effective Communication (Middle Management & Senior Employees)
Innovation & Change Management
Leadership & Developing People
Planning, Executing & Decision Making

Technical Competencies

Working Condition Requirement

Concussion Mid
Dirt Mid
Dust Level Mid
Exposure to Chemicals Mid
Exposure to light Mid
Exposure to sun Mid
Gases & Vapors Mid
Heat Level Mid
Hindering Safety Gear Mid
Humidity Level Mid
Lack of light Mid
Noise Level Mid
Oil & Grease Mid
Risk of Accident Mid
Risk of Cold Mid
Working in heights Mid