Empowering Emirati Youth for Industrial Leadership

The Career Aspiration Program (CAP) is a comprehensive developmental initiative designed to equip Emirati youth with the essential skills and knowledge to spearhead the UAE's industrial sector from the outset of their careers at Emirates Steel Arkan.

CAP employs an in-depth, holistic approach that delves into the critical aspects of work responsibilities over an average duration of three years. This program is tailor-made for ambitious fresh graduates who have completed their high school, technical diplomas, and/or bachelor's degrees in various engineering or theoretical fields.

Through CAP, graduates will hone their skills and nurture their talents by bridging the gap between academic education and real-world industry applications, cultivating the necessary tools and behavioral competencies to guide future generations.

The program offers multiple tracks for Emirati youth, depending on their educational backgrounds. It encompasses a diverse range of curriculum topics, including technical and industrial expertise, health and safety protocols, behavioral skills, and English language proficiency. Additionally, CAP features value-added assignments, projects, and team-building activities to further enrich the learning experience.

CAP is a specialized program developed by Emirates Steel Arkan in alignment with international standards and in collaboration with strategic educational partners. By investing in the growth and development of Emirati youth, Emirates Steel Arkan is dedicated to fostering a new generation of leaders equipped to shape the future of the UAE's industrial landscape.

Career Aspiration Program (CAP): Cultivating Talent for Regional and Global Success


  • To establish Emirates Steel as a regional and global employer of choice.


  • Engage and retain exceptional talent
  • Foster a healthy work environment and work-life balance
  • Prioritize job security and employee safety
  • Facilitate career growth opportunities at multiple levels
  • Encourage knowledge sharing and management throughout the organization


  • Attract, engage, and retain Emirati youth talent
  • Develop employees' proficiency in job-related competencies to meet targeted position requirements
  • Equip new employees with essential skillsets over the 3-year program, enabling them to excel in their roles

Career Aspiration Program (CAP) main merits & features

  • Skills, Knowledge, and Attitude: Become a proficient professional in the manufacturing sector through an intensive, accelerated industrial program.

  • Career Advancement: Benefit from value-added training programs and accredited qualifications tailored to meet your learning needs, promoting career progression.

  • Competitive Rewards & Benefits: Receive recognition and rewards at each stage of your journey through our comprehensive Rewards and Recognition package.

Educational Degrees & Emirates Steel Arkan Requirements

Educational Degrees:

  • Bachelor's Degree
  • Diploma
  • High School

Emirates Steel Arkan Requirements:

  • Must hold a valid UAE passport
  • High school graduate (Grade 12)
  • Diploma graduate (Level 5 & Level 4) Engineering
  • University graduate with high GPA
  • Pass the official Interview and English assessment
  • Demonstrate physical and medical fitness

Emiratization Opportunities for Fresh Graduates and Scholars

  • Fresh Graduates Program
  • Scholarship Program

Emirates Steel Emiratization Opportunities

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