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ENGINEER - E & A, Level 2 Automation , OT Security


Central Electrical Maintenance 

Shift Scheduling


General Summary

The prime contribution of the Electrical & Automation, Level 2 Automation Operational Technology (OT) Engineer, would be to ensure the security and compliance with regards to all ES Operational Technology Software and hardware. This will include continuous improvement, digitalization to ensure compliance and the most effective and efficient Security management of operation Technology Assets.The OT Engineer is responsible for ensuring the data authorization, verification, maintenance and safe keeping through executing security compliance audits across the company. The OT Engineer will be monitoring all technological activities of sensitive information confidentiality in addition to supporting the strategy to sustain the online secure information platforms

Essential Duties and Responsibilities

The role will ensure the security from all aspects of ESA Steel Operational Technology Software and hardware in collaboration with the IT Department and management. The role will ensure continuous improvement in line with the digitalization program of Emirates steel. The role will additionally ensure integration of projects, continuous improvement, and transformation into standardization of the emirates steel operations and assets.

Key role in ensuring the security measures and compliance to industry standards.

Ensuring compliance to audit actions, internally and externally

Liaising with key internal stakeholders to align processes and systems to minimize risk the ESA Steel.

Liaising with key external stakeholders to ensure industry and government compliance

Participate if software development of digitalization projects.

Development of and Integration and engineering input for key Transformation projects.

Integration for continuous improvement and key digitalization improvement Champion and owner

Participate and lead OT Audits internally and externally

Ensure OT and OT standards to maintain our insurance according to ESA Steel risk management through BCM.

Development and implementation for software and IT for other business needs as deemed appropriate to skillsets

Essential Duties and Responsibilities(Contd)

Additional Duties and Responsibilities

Knowledge, Skills and/or Abilities required

  • Conscientious detailed orientated and analytical thinker with a professional and positive disposition.
  • Excellent math abilities and working knowledge of data analysis/statistical methods
  • Integrity toward security impeccable
  • Excellent communication skills.
  • A keen interest in digitalization and strong networker
  • Capable of consistently producing high quality work and maintaining sustained attention to detail.
  • Ability to identify, plan and manage a set of activities to enable delivery of products within set timescales.
  • Ability to gather, understand, analyze, and interpret information & concepts, verbal or numerical, about people or situations, quickly.
  • Demonstrate that the Company Values are core to everything to work together and achieve the Company goals.

Minimum Education Qualification (Education Degree)

Bacheloer in Engineering

Any preferred professional training

  • Certification on Information systems security such as Certified Information Systems security professional (CISSP), Certified Ethical Hacking (CEH).

Professional Experience (Must haves)

5 years experience in Software Development , OT and systems 

Previous Experience/exposure Recommendations

  • OT and Scada experience
  • Network trouble shooting/repair
  • Industry experience  

Key Performance Indicators

Compliance to OT requirements

Audit compliance and closure

Security Breaches

BCM Risk reduction/Premiums paid

Delivery in Full on Time


Behavioural Competencies

Technical Competencies

Working Condition Requirement

Concussion Low
Dirt Low
Dust Level Low
Exposure to Chemicals Low
Exposure to light Low
Exposure to sun Low
Gases & Vapors Low
Heat Level Low
Hindering Safety Gear Low
Humidity Level Low
Lack of light Low
Noise Level Low
Oil & Grease Low
Risk of Accident Low
Risk of Cold Low
Working in heights Low